Vape Pen ONLY

  • $10.00

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR THE VAPE PEN (battery) ONLY!!!!!! This is also a stock picture. Our pens are similar to this picture. Pictures coming soon!

This listing is for our Vape Pen and USB charger. Our cartridges are NOT included in this listing. You can purchase our KITS here

You will receive (see pictures):

-A NB4 battery pen that is wick-less and have ceramic coils to enhance your vaping experience 

-1 USB charger

-Pen is approximately 3.9" long and .38" in diameter 

How to use:

1.Start by tearing the packaging open to reveal the 1ml cartridge.

2. Remove the rubber cap and twist the cartridge onto your vape pen, making sure it’s secure to prevent leaking (do not over tighten).

3. Once the cartridge is attached, quickly tap the bottom five times to turn on. You should see a series of lights. Now tap 4 times to pre-heat. This is important on cold days. It allows the thick oil to thin out a bit. You should see the light stay on. Once it turns off, your pen is pre-heated and ready to use.

4. Gently inhaling (almost like sucking on a straw). Exhale. Now you can say you vaped 😊

5. TURN OFF VAPE PEN by tapping the bottom 5 times. 

6. Charge your pen by twisting the battery onto the usb charger. Plug in. Light will come on indicating it is charging, when light goes off, it is done charging. Do not leave it on the charger after it is fully charged.

When finished, throw away the cartridge and replace it with a new one The pen/battery can be re-used. You can visit this youtube video to see it in action:

There are no returns on the vape pens, cartridges or usb charger. However, if it arrives broken or is defective, we will exchange it for you at no extra cost to you.

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