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This oil is fantastic. I really can't recommend it enough. I'm finding the Gorilla Glue amazing for my mood, pain and anxiety. I can't be without it now. The Granddaddy Purple is fantastic too and totally knocks me out which is unheard of for me. Can't be without them. Thank you so much Jeri. "Lynsey" CBD oil

I have had an excellent experience with this company, and I am confident that the CBD is second to none. The Third Party Lab test results tell you exactly what you’re getting!
I’ve been using CBD oil to help me with the pain I am dealing with. CBD oil isn’t a cure for the conditions I have, but it has helped me immensely!
I purchase my CBD sublingual drops, topical CBD and magnesium infused gels and cream preparations from Simply Owl Natural.
Third Party Lab test results are easily found on the website. Orders are quickly shipped out and the owner is very personable and helpful. "Jeannee" CBD oil and Gels

I bought this product for my dad who was in a terrible accident 1 year ago and broke his back. He uses this daily and i have been noticing he has so much more mobility in his neck and back. He swears by this product and says it takes his pain away. "Beth" Joint Gel

I have used this gel many many times now on my back as I get a lot of fibromyalgia pain and muscle spasms. Not only does it relax the muscle but it has eliminated pain within minutes and helped me sleep much better than I do when I do not use it. As for their Customer Service; It is the best! Very accommodating, up front with honest business ethics that make me feel secure and gives me confidence to share their products with all my friends and family. They never have failed to deliver a first class product each and every time! You will not regret your purchase. They aim to please. Buy it mad and experience the benefits. I did! "Jan" Nervy Gel

"The CBG is amazing! When I am feeling anxious, I take a few drops of this and I am fine minutes later" Madi

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