DermaPair for ruddy, uneven complexions
DermaPair for ruddy, uneven complexions

DermaPair for ruddy, uneven complexions

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Directions: Simply wet your face with warm water and apply a small amount on your skin. Massage it into your skin then gently pat off any excess oil OR lay a hot wash cloth over your face until it cools. Use at least once a day. Can also be used as a night time cream.

This Sea Buckthorn berry oil fortified formula improves skin condition and reduces the appearance of roughness, helps to even out your skin tone and supports the skin's natural healing process. It is the superior source of Omega 7 Fatty Acids (Palmitoleic Acid). This plant-based omega provides the highest concentration of Omega 7 naturally available as well as a host of vitamins and minerals, over 190 phytonutrients, supercharged antioxidants, Omega 3s, and other powerful health agents. Other Omega-7 sources don’t come close to Sea Buckthorn’s incredible nutritional profile.

Our DermaPair Cream also contains Neem oil which is known to improve the look and feel of skin. The nimbidin and nimbin compounds and the neem oil help to balance tone and texture. It also helps to nourish dry and damaged skin.

Say goodbye to:
-Dry patches
-Uneven, ruddy skin tones
-Problem spots
-Skin stress

Having a beautiful complexion doesn’t have to mean exposing your face to harsh chemical parabens and sulfates. Enjoy a more youthful, radiant complexion with Mother Nature’s awesome bounties!

Here are what some of our customers are saying about out DermaPair Cream:

"I ordered a sample and I will probably order more. I am in awe of how well it has worked. It protects. It moisturizers. It soothes. Those are attributes that make my red and irritated cheeks feel good!"

"Thanks works nicely "

" I love it! Awesome products, awesome seller.. awesome everything. Thanks!"

"Great customer service and prompt communication :) "

Essential Oil List: Helichrysum, manuka, lavender, rosewood

Ingredients: shea butter, hemp, grapeseed, primrose, castor oils, beeswax, neem oil, black cumin seed,, chamomile extracts, elderberry extract, raspberry oil  seabuckthorn co2, licorice root and essential oils of manuka, rosewood, helichrysum, lavender and cannabis eo.

All of our products are formulated to be in accordance with current safety standards. We follow the guidelines based on FDA recommendations Our essential oils and blends are purchased from reputable companies, formulated by experts, and our products are lab tested for quality assurance. It is the consumer’s responsibility to research ingredients to ensure they are not contraindicated for you or your medications. We may not list all the contraindications and/or safety concerns here so please consult with your doctor to address any health issues. You shouldn’t self-diagnose or self-treat diseases or health issues. All natural does not mean there cannot be any allergic reactions. Please contact us with any questions you may have.