Clean Cut Cream for those minor scrapes, burns and cuts.

Clean Cut Cream for those minor scrapes, burns and cuts.

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Mother Nature has provided us with a bounty of natural herbal goodies that are beneficial and nourish our skin and bodies and supports the skin's natural healing process. We have taken some of the best of what Mother Nature has to offer to create an amazing, repairing, nourishing cream. Great for those minor scrapes cuts and irritations.

- Infused with chickweed, plantain and calendula herbs.

- Chickweed has a cooling and drying effect on wounds and skin eruptions. This humble plant has much to offer our tender skin.

-Chickweed rejuvenates and cleanses the skin.

-Plantain was also known as ‘Soldier’s Herb’ as it was carried by soldiers to treat wounds on the battlefield.

-Calendula is a great herb for speeding up the repairing of your skin.

- The essential oils in this amazing cream have calming, restoring properties.

The next time you get a cut or scrape, imagine your skin saying AH! The sting….gone! It can happen. These restoring, rejuvenating oils are amazing.

Directions: Apply Clean Cut to the area of concern as needed.

Essential Oil List: Manuka, lavender, marjoram, cypress, tea tree, neroli and tansy (blue).

Ingredients: Shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, infused sunflower oil (infused with plantain, chickweed and calendula), beeswax, hemp seed oil, castor oil, elderberry extract, raspberry seed oil and chamomile CO2.

What one customer is saying: “I had compromised, scraped skin that I was treating with all kinds of creams. Nothing was working. One day of this and the improvement was amazing! I am never without this cream now.”

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