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About Us

Here at Simply Owl Natural, we take our hemp seriously. We are not looking for hemp that just anyone can obtain. We want hemp from a farmer who has natural farming practices and goes the extra mile to ensure their product is top notch. We found the perfect place! Located in Boulder County, in the shadow of Long’s Peak, our farm partner believes heavily in regenerative farming. The property, prior to last year was 30 years without tilling. They now do a minimal till on the top 4 inches; they do not rip the soil. The farmer also plants rotational cover crops, such as: oats, peas, winter triticale, and legumes. This helps regenerate the soil and keep unwanted weeds from taking hold. Pesticides are not used for bug mitigation; predator bugs are used. The property is irrigated by the mountainous head waters of the St. Vrain River, a tributary of the South Platte River.

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