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"After months of unpredictable ups and downs I was willing to try anything for depression. It is affecting my family. My work, Everything in my life. I decided to just try this CBD thing even though I was skeptical. But no joke, after one dose in about 20 minutes the heaviness just melted away. I've been taking it every day since and am not gonna look back. It is so nice to have my life back." “Ryan” CBD oil

 "Jeri was an amazing source of information when I first considered buying cbd products. She spent time with me on the phone and was extremely helpful. I have found since taking just a small dose of Granddaddy Purple at night helps take the buzz out of my brain and helps me relax. I have also noticed since taking Zkittles in the morning, I am more able to handle the chaotic moments that arise in my work day with more patience and focus." “Michele”

"I have used this gel many many times now on my back as I get a lot of fibromyalgia pain and muscle spasms. Not only does it relax the muscle but it has eliminated pain within minutes and helped me sleep much better than I do when I do not use it. As for their Customer Service; It is the best! Very accommodating, up front with honest business ethics that make me feel secure and gives me confidence to share their products with all my friends and family. They never have failed to deliver a first class product each and every time! You will not regret your purchase. They aim to please. Buy it mad and experience the benefits. I did!" "Jan" Nervy Gel

"I bought this product for my dad who was in a terrible accident 1 year ago and broke his back. He uses this daily and i have been noticing he has so much more mobility in his neck and back. He swears by this product and says it takes his pain away." "Beth"

" I put a little bit of joint gel on my knee. It is usually stiff in the morning and is sometimes painful. After putting this on, I felt almost immediate relief in the stiffness. So the next morning I put it on again and was pleased at how my knee felt. It was easier to move, getting into the car and going down the steps were much easier after applying this. Recommending it to all my friends now!" Dan T. 

"My husband broke his finger and it was causing him a lot of pain. Bone Defense has done a great job of making the pain considerably less. One day his finger was hurting a lot and he put some on and 15 minutes later he came to tell me that he couldn't believe how much better his finger felt." Pat

"After years of suffering with the pain of Lupus, This is the best pain relief I ever had. And it smells great which is another bonus. Love this . It really works." Judy

"I fell on the ice and landed on my arm and hurt my elbow pretty bad, could barely move. I bought this product (Joint Gel) on the recommendation of a friend after a couple of days it only hurt when I extended it to far or tried to lift something heavy. This stuff really is amazing. I thought I had broke my arm when it happened, I couldn't even wash my hair that night, but after a couple of day of using this stuff I was back to using it, not fully but still, I was seriously impressed. My mom recently broke her ankle and I have her using it." Lisa

"This is probably my favorite product! I have such bad back spasms and my feet and ankles swell up and end up hurting beyond belief, but when I apply this stuff the pain starts eating up within 10 minutes!! I also highly recommend this product! You wont regret buying it!" Katie

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